Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga

Title: Blood of My Blood
Author: Barry Lyga
Series: Book Three in the I Hunt Killers Trilogy (Jasper Dent)
Published By: Little Brown (September 9, 2014)
Source: Purchased
Genre: YA Thriller
My Rating: 5 Stars!

Book Description:
Jazz Dent has never been closer to catching his father.

Jazz has been shot and left to die in New York. His girlfriend, Connie, is in the clutches of Jazz's monstrous father, Billy--the world's most notorious serial killer. And his best friend, Howie, is bleeding to death on the floor of Jazz's new home. 

Somehow, these three must rise above the horrors and find a way to come together in pursuit of Billy. 

But then Jazz crosses a line he's never crossed before, and soon the entire country is wondering: "Like father, like son? Who is the true monster?"

From New York City to the small town of Lobo's Nod, the chase is on, and this time, Jazz is the hunted, not the hunter--while Billy Dent lurks in the shadows. 

And beyond Billy? Something much, much worse. Prepare to meet...the Crow King.

From acclaimed author Barry Lyga comes the shocking conclusion to the bestselling I Hunt Killer trilogy.

If I was only allowed one adjective to describe this series as a whole, it would have to be intense.

of extreme force, degree, or strength.
"the job demands intense concentration"
extreme, great, acute, fierce, severe, high; More

having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious.
"an intense young woman, passionate about her art"

Thankfully, I'm not limited to just one adjective because this book, this series, is so much more than that one word.

Riveting, thrilling, captivating, addicting, emotional, terrifying, well written. Truly there are a lot of adjectives that would fit what Lyga created in the I Hunt Killers series and in the final book, Blood of my Blood and all of them would be accurate. I know I've said this in past reviews for book one and two but this series is utterly unique in it's execution and delivery. You feel as if you are in the mind of not only a killer, but a killer's protege as well. Into the mind of a young man who wants to be anything but his father but nonetheless can't help thinking the thoughts, the images, the lessons that were planted and ingrained in his memories, in his very subconscious since he was small child. 

And as horrifying as it is, it is also fascinating and yes, addicting to be inside both Jasper and Billy's head.

So many twists. So many secrets and all more horrifying than the next, this was a heart stopping, pulse pounding conclusion to the series and I lapped up very single word of it. 

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*

Friday, September 23, 2016

Review: Yesternight by Cat Winters

Title: Yesternight
Author: Cat Winters
Series: Stand Alone
Published By: William Morrow (October 4, 2016)
Source: ARC Copy Provided by the Publisher (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: Historical (with paranormal elements)
My Rating: 4 Stars!

Book Description:
From the author of The Uninvited comes a haunting historical novel with a compelling mystery at its core. A young child psychologist steps off a train, her destination a foggy seaside town. There, she begins a journey causing her to question everything she believes about life, death, memories, and reincarnation.

In 1925, Alice Lind steps off a train in the rain-soaked coastal hamlet of Gordon Bay, Oregon. There, she expects to do nothing more difficult than administer IQ tests to a group of rural schoolchildren. A trained psychologist, Alice believes mysteries of the mind can be unlocked scientifically, but now her views are about to be challenged by one curious child.

Seven-year-old Janie O’Daire is a mathematical genius, which is surprising. But what is disturbing are the stories she tells: that her name was once Violet, she grew up in Kansas decades earlier, and she drowned at age nineteen. Alice delves into these stories, at first believing they’re no more than the product of the girl’s vast imagination. But, slowly, Alice comes to the realization that Janie might indeed be telling a strange truth.

Alice knows the investigation may endanger her already shaky professional reputation, and as a woman in a field dominated by men she has no room for mistakes. But she is unprepared for the ways it will illuminate terrifying mysteries within her own past, and in the process, irrevocably change her life. 

Cat Winter's has quickly become one of my favorite authors when I want a good well written historical read with the touch of something other. 

Yesternight does not disappoint.

Alice is the type of girl Winters has become known for, tough, brave, and not at all conventional for the time period she lives in, but Alice also has a dark side, one she tries to keep hidden from all those around her, even her family. 

I don't want to go into too much detail but I will say this, Winter's take on reincarnation was fabulously done. This was eery at times and filled with unexpected twists and turns I just didn't see coming. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and the ending left me both chilled and delighted. 

Another fabulous, suspense filled read from Winters.

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson

Title: Edenbrooke
Author: Julianne Donaldson
Series: Stand Alone
Published By: Shadow Mountain (March 27, 2012)
Source: Purchased
Genre: Historical Romance
My Rating: 5 Stars!

Book Description:
Marianne Daventry will do anything to escape the boredom of Bath and the amorous attentions of an unwanted suitor. So when an invitation arrives from her twin sister, Cecily, to join her at a sprawling country estate, she jumps at the chance. Thinking she'll be able to relax and enjoy her beloved English countryside while her sister snags the handsome heir of Edenbrooke, Marianne finds that even the best laid plans can go awry. From a terrifying run-in with a highwayman to a seemingly harmless flirtation, Marianne finds herself embroiled in an unexpected adventure filled with enough romance and intrigue to keep her mind racing. Will Marianne be able to rein in her traitorous heart, or will a mysterious stranger sweep her off her feet? Fate had something other than a relaxing summer in mind when it sent Marianne to Edenbrooke.

I have seen mention of this story being a retelling and while I don't quite agree with that because it very much is its own story, it is very reminiscent of something right out of an Austen novel and is something all fans of Austen should immediately pick up and devour. 

I found myself surfing my movies shelf looking for something like Jane Eyre, or Pride and Prejudice the other night and not quite finding something new but still along those lines, I decided instead after having it on my book shelf for more than a year, to pick this up instead.

I'm so glad that I did because not only was I immediately swept into the wonderful world of England during the 19th century but with wonderful characters that were easy to like and relate to. 

With a sweet burning romance that was not only clean but completely heart pounding in it's sweetness and with it's tender moments. I truly did not want this to end but at the same time couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see how it would end.

I absolutely adored this and plan on reading pretty much everything and anything else this author comes out with. It gave me exactly what I was looking for and so much more. 

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WoW Pick of the Week

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It is a chance to share those new releases were are super anxious to get our hands on and read.

I adored Roth's YA series so it's no wonder with that gorgeous cover and tempting description that this drew me in as well. It does sound a little more sci fi fantasy than I normally read but I'm willing to give it a try. 

Book Description:

On a planet where violence and vengeance rule, in a galaxy where some are favored by fate, everyone develops a currentgift, a unique power meant to shape the future. While most benefit from their currentgifts, Akos and Cyra do not — their gifts make them vulnerable to others’ control. Can they reclaim their gifts, their fates, and their lives, and reset the balance of power in this world?

Cyra is the sister of the brutal tyrant who rules the Shotet people. Cyra’s currentgift gives her pain and power — something her brother exploits, using her to torture his enemies. But Cyra is much more than just a blade in her brother’s hand: she is resilient, quick on her feet, and smarter than he knows.

Akos is from the peace-loving nation of Thuve, and his loyalty to his family is limitless. Though protected by his unusual currentgift, once Akos and his brother are captured by enemy Shotet soldiers, Akos is desperate to get his brother out alive — no matter what the cost. When Akos is thrust into Cyra’s world, the enmity between their countries and families seems insurmountable. They must decide to help each other to survive — or to destroy one another. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Disruption by Jessica Shirvington

Title: Disruption
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Series: Book One in the Disruption Duology
Published By: HarperCollins (October 4, 2016)
Source: ARC Copy Provided by the Publisher (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: YA Dystopian
My Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Book Description:
The heart-stopping first chapter in bestselling author Jessica Shirvington's Disruption series.

What if a microchip could identify your perfect match? 

What if it could be used against you and the ones you love? 

Eight years ago, Mercer Corporation's M-Bands became mandatory. An evolution of the smartphone, the bracelets promised an easier life. Instead, they have come to control it.

Two years ago, Maggie Stevens watched helplessly as one of the people she loved most was taken from her, shattering her world as she knew it. Now, Maggie is ready. And Quentin Mercer - heir to the M-Corp empire - has become key to Maggie's plan.

But as the pieces of her dangerous design fall into place, could Quentin's involvement destroy everything she's fought for? 

In a world full of broken promises, the ones Maggie must keep could be the most heartbreaking. 

I love when a book can not only pleasantly surprise me with how much I enjoyed it, but leave me hooked and begging for the second one.

This is my first Shirvington book and I can say with absolute certainty it will not be my last. Not only do I want book two now, but I can't wait to see what else she has written and to get my hands on them because I truly had that much fun with with Disruption.

I have a thing for authors who can think outside the box and come up with something totally new and completely entertaining. It doesn't always happen as much as one would like or even expect so when it goes, I take notice. 

Disruption is something different from the norm. Not only imaginative and realistic feeling but believable in its complicated simplicity. 

With great characters you will fall in love with, a slow burning romance, and secrets, truths, and twists around every corner, this book will hook you after the first couple chapters and leave you eagerly turning the pages until the very last one. 

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*

Monday, September 19, 2016

Review: Sanyare: The Heir Apparent by Megan Haskell

Title: Sanyare: The Heir Apparent
Author: Megan Haskell
Series: Book Two in the Sanyare Series
Published: September 21, 2016
Source: Copy Provided by the Author (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Book Description:
Her secret is unraveling. One dangerous quest could end it all...

Rie thought she was an ordinary human. After she’s named heir to Sanyaro, the truthseeker and mediator of all nine realms, life becomes a lot more complicated. As she struggles to control her magics, Rie nearly falls prey to a brutal assassination attempt during a public ceremony.  

Blamed for the chaos, Rie’s escort, Prince Daenor, is taken prisoner. While Sanyaro tempers the political flames, Rie must once again chase after the truth. As if the threat of another great war and the impending death of her lover weren’t enough, Rie uncovers a dark secret that threatens to crack the very foundations of the faerie realms. When allies fall, can Rie overcome the odds… and the opposition?

Having given the first book (and its prequel) a try last year and thoroughly liking it, it didn't take much convincing on the author's part for me to jump right in to reading the sequel. And even though it had been awhile since reading the first book, I was able to quickly immerse myself back into Rie's world and easily fall into the story.

It was nice to see Rie learning more about who she is and her abilities. And while things weren't always easy for her, she slowly but shirley started to come into her own and become stronger in both confidence and in her abilities and relationships with those around her. 

The pixies were still very much present which I was glad for because they still remain my very favorite part of this series and it just wouldn't of been the same without them.

With lies, deceptions, and mayhem always on the horizon, I can see many fans of the genre quickly liking and devouring this. 

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author. I was not compensated for this review.*

Friday, September 16, 2016

Review: Game by Barry Lyga

Title: Game
Author: Barry Lyga
Series: Book Two in the I Hunt Killers Trilogy (Jasper Dent)
Published By: Little Brown (April 16,2013)
Source: Purchased
Genre: YA Thriller
My Rating: 5 Stars!

Book Description:
Billy grinned. “Oh, New York,” he whispered. “We’re gonna have so much fun.”

I Hunt Killers introduced the world to Jazz, the son of history’s most infamous serial killer, Billy Dent.

In an effort to prove murder didn’t run in the family, Jazz teamed with the police in the small town of Lobo’s Nod to solve a deadly case. And now, when a determined New York City detective comes knocking on Jazz’s door asking for help, he can’t say no. The Hat-Dog Killer has the Big Apple–and its police force–running scared. So Jazz and his girlfriend, Connie, hop on a plane to the big city and get swept up in a killer’s murderous game.

If I thought the first book in this series was something special, something dark, and twisted, and yet oh so addicting, it didn't prepare me for what this installment held. The first book had nothing on this one. This second installment  proved to be every bit as delicious, dangerous, horrifying, and yet still humorous enough to make us turn the pages and demand more. 

It truly is a series unlike any other that I have read. 

Terrifying, creepy, strange, mysterious, captivating, compelling, and about a million other adjectives I could name, all packed into a story that was not only riveting but so good that I had a hard time putting  down and had to stay up until the wee hours of the morning reading until I got to the very last page. A series that you will want to have all three books on hand for because you will want to pick one up right after the other. 

Yeah, it really is that good, that dark, and that thrilling. It will make your heart pound, your pulse jump and have you looking over your shoulder a time or two just because. 

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*